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Sir Walter Turf

Soft Leaf Buffalo

(Designer label lawn - Great for residential yards with kids and dogs or lush emerald green feature lawn! No 1 seller for home lawns!)

  • Great for residential home lawns
  • Low water
  • Low maintenance
  • Great drought tolerance
  • Soft leaf – non allergic
  • Self repairing growth habit
  • Non invasive – perfect for home yards
  • Performs well in full sun or shade
  • Australian born and bred

As Australia's go anywhere, grow anywhere premium lawn turf, Sir Walter is the most versatile grass currently on the market.

The initial cost is a little higher than some other varieties of instant lawn, but the ongoing costs of watering and maintaining Sir Walter are a lot less than any other turf. The long-term durability of Sir Walter will also mean greater protection of your investment.

Sir Walter is a new generation soft leafed buffalo, which is protected under the Plant Breeder's Rights Act. To ensure the supply of Sir Walter turf is a consistently high standard, it can only be sold by licensed growers. All genuine Sir Walter turf will be sold with a certificate of authenticity.

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