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How to control summer weeds

The heat of summer might be leaving your lawn a little weaker and thinner than normal – and less able to defend itself from weed invasions. If you’ve discovered some unwanted weeds infiltrati ..

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Lawn jobs for summer to help your lawn survive the heat

Getting through summer, with its extreme heat, dryness and wind, can be tough for humans, let alone your grass. The extremes of the harsh summer weather can cause extra stress on your lawn, which is exac ..

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How to get a more drought-tolerant lawn this summer

Summertime conditions can be tough on your lawn, especially when it’s hot, it’s dry and you have water restrictions in place. Before you know it, your precious patch of green can be dry, brown, wil ..

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Getting rid of clover in your lawn

White clover is a very easy weed to recognise, and you may have spent countless childhood hours hunting for the four-leaf version. While that can be a fun challenge, eradicating a clover infestation from your  ..

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Spring cleaning your lawn

If you’re like most of us, your lawn may be looking a little bit sad and sorry for itself as we come into spring. Even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to let your lawn go over winter. Now yo ..

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