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Nullarbor Couch  - Sports turf

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Nullarbor Couch

Perfect for: Professional sports turf environments and premier community sporting facilities. Also great for backyard sporting heros who want the ball to bounce or to help create a home golf green! Great drought tolerance, best results when mown with a cylinder mower.

Available: All year round - full sun only. 

Characteristics: An attractive, fine leaf dense turf (high thatch) which can be mown extremely short to produce a manicured looking homeyard. It has a low water requirement (great drought tolerance), superior performing sports turf, aggressive creeping grass, recovers well from general wear, can be maintained as low as 10mm in height for sports use. Not recommended for areas near garden beds - very aggressive and invasive lateral growth habit susceptible to winter weed invasion.

Details: A summer active grass that prefers to grow in full sun areas; Nullarbor Couch has been the superior performer in golf course situations for more than 15 years in southern Australia. It is a very dense grass, which grows aggressively in most soil types. Nullarbor Couch is an exceptional drought tolerant grass that is mid green in colour. Nullarbor Couch will lose some of its colour during the cooler months while it is dormant.

Expect best results when:

  • Grown in full sunlight.
  • Fertilised in mid September for it to green up after winter and a second follow up again in early April to carry growth on into the cooler winter months. (We recommend you use Sir Walter Fertiliser at a rate of 2kg/100m²). Irrigate after fertiliser has been applied.
  • Watered weekly once the turf has a firm grip and has matured (Pending climate conditions).
  • We also recommend fertilising your new turf 5-6 weeks after laying.
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