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Eureka Premium VG turf

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Eureka Premium VG

Perfect for: Public green space corridors, low maintenance school ovals, second tier community sporting venues, nature strips, or residential home yards without automated irrigation. Eureka Premium VG is perfect for areas which need to sustain high traffic during winter as it is more active than other drought tolerant turf varieties during dormancy. If this lawn is loved too much, it will be extremely high maintenance, so is perfect for anyone who wants a lawn they rarely have to fertilise or irrigate – but be prepared to mow regularly during peak summer periods!

Available: All year round – full sun only.

Characteristics: Eureka Premium VG is a bright green turfgrass (generally two – three shades stronger in visual colour than common Eureka Kikuyu). It boasts a tight sward which is due to a unique characteristic of shorter internodes, which promotes more frequent branching and therefore greater density. This unique growth habit aids in faster establishment, faster recovery from wear and superior weed suppression than other common Eureka Kikuyu varieties.

Eureka Premium VG is grown exclusively under license, and was sought by Coolabah Turf production managers in the hunt for a warm season turf variety with superior drought tolerance and winter colour retention.

Eureka Premium VG’s superior degree of drought tolerance is due to its massive fibres’ root system which enhances more efficient water and nutrient uptake than common Eureka Kikuyu varieties.

This trait dictates that Eureka Premium VG is watered significantly less than any other drought tolerant turf variety currently on the market. We recommend it is watered on an as needs basis only to prevent high thatch build up and unnecessary maintenance.

Eureka Premium VG’s proven winter activity means it will establish in cool climates all year round, whether the project is installed with both hard turf, or stolens. Its impressive winter growth habit also enables Eureka Premium VG to recover against wear or frost damage despite cold temperatures.

This core trait makes Eureka Premium VG an appealing alternative for councils managing open green space corridors and is a superior performing turf choice for community sporting reserves.

Details: Eureka Premium VG must be grown in full sun. It will not tolerate shade.

Eureka Premium VG is best managed if mown at approximately 25mm.

When used in a sports turf environment Eureka Premium VG will perform best if maintained with a cylinder mower at an optimum mowing height of between 15-20mm.


  • A finer leaf variety of Eureka Kikuyu
  • More winter active
  • Greater density
  • Faster/more aggressive growing
  • Two – three shades greener in colour – especially noticeable during winter.


  • A more glamorous looking lawn to woo your neighbours
  • Shorter dormancy period/improved winter colour retention
  • Less weed invasion
  • Less water required to establish/less water and fertiliser required to maintain
  • Faster rate of repair if damaged

NB. It is critical to note Eureka Premium VG should only be watered and fertilised on an as needs basis.

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