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Eureka Kikuyu Cheap instant Turf

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Eureka Kikuyu - Great low cost option

Perfect for: High traffic areas including public access parks & gardens, playgrounds, caravan parks, nature strips and recreation reserves. A great low budget home lawn option.

Available: All year round. Characteristics: Hard wearing, drought tolerant, requires minimal fertilising, self repairing, aggressive growing, competitive against unwanted weeds.

Details: Eureka Kikuyu grass is like the Collingwood Football Club - you either love it or hate it. It is most widely used in northern Victoria by councils, schools, and caravan park owners because its aggressive nature guarantees it will withstand the wear and tear of heavy foot and vehicle traffic in public access areas.

For home lawn situations, you will need to either apply a chemical, build a substantial garden edge or edge your lawn on a regular basis if you wish to control Eureka Kikuyu's invasive lateral growth into adjoining garden beds.

Eureka Kikuyu will lose some of its colour during the cooler months while it is dormant. Eureka Kikuyu needs to be grown in full sun.

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